Lalibela - Abune Yosef - Wedebye - Hudad Mountain

Lalibela, a small isolated village set in the mountains of Lasta, is popularly known for its rock-hewn churches. According to the legend, King Lalibela, during his exile in Jerusalem, was inspired to create “a new Jerusalem” and thus he built the churches with the help of angels. This trip is just a perfect introduction to Ethiopia’s incredible diversity of an ancient civilisation and culture in combination with incredible highlands and unique nature.
Here, the incomparable landscape of the Abune Yosef Mountain contrasts with some of the most
beautiful scenery of the low lands of Bilbala and Wag Yimra. This trekking route will give you the
opportunity to explore one of the most amazing places in Ethiopia and stay in community camps or tukuls
(round thatched houses) while sharing scenario with both the locals and the endemic species under a flawless starry sky.

Nature and Trekking

The Danakil Depression is one of the most spectacular landscapes in the world. This depression has its origin in the rifting process which formed the Red Sea and the African Rift Valley. It contains the only permanently active volcano in the world, the Erta Ale. Travelling through this volcanic area means immersing yourself in another planet, walking around salt lakes and sulphur formations. If you are a real adventurer and do not mind high temperatures (50-60ºC /122-140ºF), this is your ideal destination. You will be charmed by the long camel caravans transporting salt bars to the highlands and by the proud and nomadic Afar tribe. This trekking and nature tour includes a hike near the Erta Ale volcano and a visit to the colourful formations of Dallol, the deepest part of the Danakil Depression.


The Simien Mountains are arguably the most beautiful mountain range in Africa.
Vast and unique, the highland plateau is capped by a dramatic skyline of jagged volcanic
plugs and split by deep gorges and gullies. The views across this landscape are breathtaking:
the striking towers and formations having been described as 'the chess pieces of the Gods'.
Our trek takes us to both the highland and rural lowland areas, with an ascent of Ras Dashen,
the highest peak in Ethiopia at 4,543m and the fourth highest in Africa. A haven to many endemic
species of wildlife and flora, including the Gelada Baboon and Walia Ibex, the Simien Mountains
National Park has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Our tours begin in Gondar and
from there we will drive up to Sankabar and start different trekking itineraries according to your
time limit and interest. Even though there is accommodation available inside the park we can facilitate
all the camping material for a more intense experience.